Best Friendship Day 2017 Facebook Cover Photos

This days people love to decorate their Facebook cover with images of Festivals and Holidays. This covers not only a way to wish Friends but also add more credibility to your profile. Here we will sharing unique Friendship Day 2017 Facebook covers.

Why To Update Your With Friendship Day Facebook Cover?

Facebook cover photo is the larger photo at the top of your Timeline, right above your profile picture. On Friendship Day (i.e on 30th July 2017 /3rd August 2017(India)),updating your cover photo with Friendship Day photo can be a better way to send wishes to your Friends and let your friends feel special about you.

Check out the best Friendship Day 2017 Facebook cover photo below:

1. The first cover is specially for girls.

Friendship Day 2014 Facebook Cover Image For Girls

2. Update your FB cover with Friendship Day.
Friendship Day 2014 Facebook Cover Image Girls

3. Facebook cover with a Friendship quote.
Friendship Day 2014 Facebook Cover Jumping With Friends

4. Friendship Day 2017 Facebook Cover
Friendship Day 2014 Facebook Cover Photo

5. Another Sunset FB cover for Friendship Day
Friendship Day 2014 Facebook Cover Sunset With Friends

How To Change Your FB Cover:

1. Go to your Timeline
2. Click Add a Cover, or hover over your current cover photo and click Change Cover
3. Download cover from our website in your computer and upload it
4. Once you choose a photo, you can reposition it by clicking on the image and dragging it up or down
5. Click Save

For more FB covers stay tune with us!