Friendship Day 2017 Facebook FB Status and SMS In English

Friendship Day 2017 is a day that Friends celebrate with each other to celebrating their friendship. On this Friends share Friendship Day Facebook status and Friendship Day FB sms in English.

Friendship Day 2014 Facebook Status

Friendship Day 2017 Facebook Status

Friendship Day is celebrated on first Sunday of August every year. So this year 3rd August 2017 will be celebrated as Friendship day in India and we are here with Special Friendship day Facebook Status and Friendship Day Facebook cover. For friendship day. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

Friendship Day 2017 Facebook (FB) Status

Friendship Day Facebook Status – Friends Are GOD’s Angels

When Life Becomes Harder & We See No Hope
Then GOD Sends His Angels 2 Guide us
We Don’t expect 2 C them With Wings
Instead, They Come in Disguis And We Call Them
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day FB status – Friendship is a “Chemical Locha”

Friendship is not history to forget
Friendship is not maths to calculate
Friendship is not english to learn
It’s just only “Chemical Locha”
Don’t try to understand it, just Enjoy it…
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day FB message –  For Cool Friends

Words begin with – A….B….C….
Numbers begin with -1….2….3….
Music begins with – SA….RE….GA….
FRIENDSHIP begins with “You & Me”
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day FB SMS – Friendship is like rose

Flower are many
But I like rose.
Friends are many
But I like u.
Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship day Facebook Status – Friends per Hak Banta Hai

Forgetting friend is a
Ignoring them is a
Liking them is a
Thinking of them is a
And disturbing them
Oye… Haq banta hai na yaar
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day FB Status – Best Friend is Always Present For U

Everyone has a “BEST FRIEND”
during each stage of life
Only lucky ones have
The same friend in all stages of life.
Happy Friendship Day

Love And Friendship Day FB Status –  The Lovely Comparison

“LOVE” isn’t about expression Heavy Words
It’s about understanding
Gentle Touch and Pure Heart..
“FRIENDSHIP” is to Sit together
and Laugh about the
Non-Sense Said Above :P:D
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day Facebook Message – Friendship is “The Present”

Every moment is a treasure
Yesterday is history
Tommorrow is mystery
But today is a Gift
Thats why it is called “The PRESENT”
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day FB Status- Friends are like the walls of a house.

Sometimes Friends hold you up,
Sometimes you lean on them,
Sometimes, they protect you from adversities;
But sometimes, it’s enough to know they’re just standing by!
Thanks for being by my wall!
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day Funny FB – Sms By Smart Friend

I Cried When I Failed In 2 Subjects
I Cried When I Failed In 2 Subjects,
I Smiled When I Came To Know My Friend Failed In 5 Subjects 😛 😀
Happy Friendship Day

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