Friendship Day 2017 Quotes For Facebook Status

Today we are here we the most amazing Friendship day Quotes for Facebook Status through which you can share your feeling of love and care with your friends and make your friendship stronger.But you should know the following before updating your status on FB for your friends.

Friendship Day Quotes for Facebook Status

Friendship Day Quotes for Facebook Status

When is Friendship Day this year?
Human beings are social creatures who have always valued the importance of friends in their lives. To celebrate this noble feeling people decided a day dedicated to friends and friendship. So, first Sunday of August was declared as a holiday in US in honor of friends by a Proclamation made by US Congress in 1935,Since then we celebrate friendship day with our lovely friends every year in the month of August. In 2017 we have friendship day on 2 August.

Friendship Day 2017 Quotes

Fb Status For Unforgettable Friends

The unforgettable people in life will be the
Who loved u and stood by your side
even when u weren’t lovable..
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Best Fb status – Friendship is Miracle

Feeling of love,
moment of care,
small small sharing,
stupid fights,
shoulder to cry,
and to be together in pain creates a miracle which is called “Friendship”

Who Is a Real Friend – Fb Best Status

The real friendship is like fluorescent tube , which shines better when everything becomes dark.
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Special Quote on Real Friend 

A simple frnd thinks that the friendship is ova.. when u have an argumnt.
A real frnd knows that it’s not a friendship until you’ve had a fight.
Happy Friendship Day

Best Friendship day Quote For Facebook Status

V met it was Luck
V talked it was CHANCE
V became friends it was DESTINY
V are still friends it is FAITH
V will always be friends its a PROMISE
Happy Frienship Day!!!

What is Friendship!!!- Best Quote

FrieNdShip Is Nt Abt wHo CaMe the fIrSt Or WhO CaReS the BeSt bUt
ItS AlL AbT wHo CaMe Nd NeVa LeFt.
HApPy FrieNdShip dAy!!!!

Friendship – First Step of all Relation

The best relationships start from friendships.
I proud to b friend of urs!!!!
Thank you so much for being a part of my life.
Without you, life wouldn’t be so wonderful.

Who is A GOOD Friend???- Best Quote

A GoOd FRieNd
Is LikE a LiGhT HoUsE
It DoEsn’T
Ring Bells, Fire Guns To CaLL AtTeNtiOn
When U R LosT..
It SiMpLy StAnDs Tall And SHiNesS
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Friendship day Quote – A True Relationship

D relation between 1 heart and another is called LOVE
D relation between heart and heartbeat is called FRIENDSHIP
Happy Friendship Day!!!

Friendship starts at that moment when 1 person says to other :
“Wat!!! You too??? I thot I was the only 1.”

Facebook And Whats App Perfect Status…

Its not important 2 hav
long list of frnds on FB & Whatsapp.
But its important 2 have some friends,
who can read ur FACE as BOOK and

Friendship is an Achievement!!! – Best Quote for Fb 

It’s not an achievement to make 100 friends in a year
BUT an achievement is wen u make a friend for 100 years.
Happy Friendship Day!!!

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