Friendship Day 2017 SMS in English | Advance SMS

You can make the bond of your friendship more stronger by sharing the following Friendship Day SMS in English with your friendsThe sweet and simple messages will straight away convey your feelings for your friends in a wonderful way.

Friendship Day Quotes And SMS In English

Here are the messages in English for friendship day…


Friends Complete Everything

Tears+Friend = Smile
Injury+Friend = Medicine
lonely+Friend = Company
Death+Friend = Life
In Short…
Nothing+friend = EVERYTHING

Friendship Day Chocolaty SMS

A five Star Messsage for
a Dairy Milk Person from
an Eclairs Frnd for
a Melody Reason at
a Kitkat Tym on
a Munch Day in
a Perk Mood to Say,
You are My Best Friend Forever!!!

Friendship Day Message – Steps of Friendship

If U need a friend and
there are a hundred steps between us,
U take the first
I will take the rest
to be there for you.

Friendship Day Message – Friends Forever

A memory lasts forever, and never does it die.
True friends stay together and never say good bye.

Friendship day Message – Definition of Friend

My medicine when i was in pain
My letter when i m far
My smile when i m sad
My hanky when i cry
and one more breadth
When I die…

Friendship day Message For Real Friend

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

Message For Best Friends

Love belongs to boy and girl
Study belongs to teacher and student
Life belongs to husband and wife
FRIENDSHIP belongs to two sweet hearts like
“YOU” and “ME”

Lover Or Friend – What U want to be????

A LOVER says…
“if anything happens to you I will not be alive.”
A FRIEND says…
Nothing will happen to you till I am alive”
That’s friendship …….!!

Friendship Lasts Forever

Birth is once…
Youth is once…
Death is once…
Love is once…
Marriage is once..
Lasts For Ever!!!

Friendship Day Sweet Message

When Life Becomes Lonely,
Just Call Ur Friend and Shout…
How Dare I Feel Like this,
When U Are here!!!

Hope you enjoyed sharing these lovely and sweet messages with your friends on friendship day. You can also checkout here Friendship Day Jokes In Hindi.