Friendship Day 2017 Whats App And Facebook Status

The count down has begun, and we have only 12 days remaining in Friendship Day. Friendship Day is on 3rd August this year and we are here for you with the super and classic Friendship Day Whats App and Facebook Status for your lovely and close friends. So, don’t forget and share with your dear friends the following beautiful status.

Friendship Day 2014 Whats App StatusFriendship Day 2017 Whats App And Facebook Status

Friendship Day Facebook Status – Friends Are Like Diamonds

Never try to examine Friendship Because
Friends R like Diamonds
When U Hit Them
They Don’t Break But…
May Slip Away From Your Life…!!!
So, Be Careful and always be a good friend
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day Whats App Status – Sweet Poem For Sweet Friend On Friendship Day

My Dear Friend…

Roses are pink
as pink as your lips

stars are bright
as bright as your eyes

Apples are red
as red as your cheeks

Snow is white
as white as your teeth

Dew is fresh
as fresh as your face

Night is black
as black as your hair

Breeze is soft
as soft as your voice

Dawn is warm
as warm as your touch

The sky is beautiful
as beautiful as you

And the world is good
as good as your heart

So, I am lucky to b your friend.
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day FB Status – Friendship Is the Most Beautiful Thing in Life

Why do we close our Eyes???
When we Pray…
When we Cry…
When we Kiss…
When we Dream…
Because the Most BEAUTIFUL thing in life are not seen,
But felt by heart
Definitely “You” too, My Friend 🙂
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day Whsta App message – Keep Memories of Friendship Alive

A daily thought
A silent tear
A constant wish
That you are near

Words are few
But thoughts are deep
Memories of our friendship
I will always keep
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day Whats App Status – Being Happy with Friends is Most Amazing Thing

“I feel happy” Do u know y???
bcoz i am lucky U know y???
bcoz GOD loves me U know how???
bcoz God send me a wonderful friend U know who?
“Its U”
Happy Friendship Day

Friends And Medicines – Best Friendship Day Message

“Friends and Medicines”
Play the same Role in our Life
Both take care of us in our Pains
BUT the Difference is…
“FRIENDS” don’y have an expiry date.
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day Message – Misunderstanding kills Friendship

Ek island me saari feelings sath me rehti thi..
Ek din wahan pe tufan aaya
Sari feelings dar gai or sochne lgi ki ab hm nahi ji payenge
Tabhi friendship wali feeling ne boat dhundhi aur sabhi boat me aane k lie kaha
Every feeling got on the boat but one feeling was left Friendship got down to see who it was It was “MisUnDErSTaNdiNG”
Friendship tried and tried but MisUnDErSTaNdiNG didnt move Evry1 askd frndshp 2 leave him and come in the boat, but it was friendship who remained with him
All the emotions remained live but… “FRIENDSHIP died bcoz of MisUnDErSTaNdiNG”
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship day Whats App Message Ask God For Friend

I asked God to keep my friend happy
God said – Ok for 4 days
I said -Ok, summer, winter, rainy & spring days.
God said – No, only fr 3 days
I said – Ok, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.
God said – No, only for 2 days
I said Day and Night.
God said – No,only for 1 day
I said – Ok, Everyday
God laughed and said OK.
Happy Friendship Day

Facebook Status For Friendship Day – What Friends Do For You??

Friends make you:
LAUGH a little louder;
SMILE a little brighter;
ENJOY a little better;
FEEL a little bigger;
And LIVE a little fuller!
Happy Friendship Day

Whats App Funny Friendship Day Message – Nobody can break Friendship

Ullu ke patthe
kangaroo . . . . . .
Sab milkar bhi
hamari DOSTI nahi tod sakte.
Happy Friendship Day