Friendship Day Funny SMS, Images And Videos

Hey Friends, today we are sharing funny Friendship Day SMS, images and videos. Everything funny related to Friendship in one place. We are sure you and your lovely Friends will laugh out loud by reading our funny SMS.

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Friendship Day Funny SMS:

1. First funny SMS is sending a gift as Fish to your Friends.

I send you this fish
as a sign of our
take care of it, Keep it
in your mobile.
Daily put your mobile in water,
So that this fish wont die.

2. Second funny SMS is about riding bikes by Friends.

4 Friends on bike..
Police: Triple riding is banned aur tum 4 baithe ho.. ??
Boys shocked…
look behind..
and says: Saalo 5 wa kaha gir
Jisne party deni thi..
Happy Friendship Day!

3. A joke on Friendship of Mukesh And Anil Ambani. The joke also include her wife.

Mukesh says to Anil Ambani:”I want to kiss ur wife”.
Anil replied: “Ok but 40paisa per min”
Anil wife shouted “don’t cheat him. Reliance to reliance free.

4. A funny SMS between two Friends Santa and Banta.

Santa aur banta ko 500 ka ek note mila
Santa: hum ise 50-50 lenge
Banta: baaki 400 kaa kya karoge?

5. A Boy asking a girl becoming Friends. The girl gives funny reply.

Ek Baar Ek Ladka Bhag Kar Gaya Aur Ek Ladki Se BoLa: Mai Aapse Dosti Karna Chahta Hu.
Ladki BoLi: Teri Meri Dushmani Kab Thi “Bhai” 😉

6. A funny Friendship SMS which you can send to any of your Friends.

Our friendship means a lot to me.
U cry i cry.
U laugh i laugh.
U jump out of the window
I look down & then
I laugh again
Happy Friendship Day!

7. A naughty but funny SMS to share with your Friends on Friendship Day.

Girl: kya tum mujhe apni family se zyada chahte ho..?
Boy: No.
Girl: Kyo?
Boy: Jab main paida huwa to meri Maa ne musibat jheli.
Jab bada hone laga to Baap ne ungli pakad kar chalna sikhaya.
Jab taklif hui to Behan royi,
Jab zarurat padi to Bhai ne saath diya.
Girl: achha Gan*u.. Jab lu*d khada hua to kon kaam ayaa..!
Boy: Mera Dost, Jo ye msg padh raha hai. Jisne muze hilaana sikhaya!

Friendship Day Funny Images:

1. A funny image when a Friends ask to keep seat for him.

Friendship Day Funny Image

Friendship Day Funny Image

2. Two friends fighting who is best Friend, funny photo.

Friendship Day Funny Photo

3. Friends are like condoms funny  and naughty picture.

Friendship Day Funny Image

Friendship Day Funny Video:

1. Funny video on Friendship which show how a real Friends acts when he is saved from trouble. Watch the video below and download it here.

2. An animated cartoon describes FRIENDSHIP. Watch the video below, download and share with your Friends.