Friendship Day Poems in English For Best Friends

Hello everyone, today we are here with Heart Touching and Sweet Poems for Friendship day that you can share with your friends and make them feel proud of you. These poems are straight from the heart that will express your utter feelings for your friend.

Friendship Day 2014 Poems In EnglishSo, Don’t miss and share with your friends these following lovely and sweet poems given here…

Friendship Day Poem For Best friend

I know that no matter what happens we’ll be together until the end
Only for the very reason that you are my very best friend
And as we grow older we may go our separate ways,
But until the day I’m 99 I’ll think of you always

If ever we get into a fight and end things once and for all
Know that I’m by the phone just waiting for your call
As our days together shorten and our laughter comes to an end
Please do know this one thing, my very special friend

If there were something that you need, anything at all
Please pick up the phone and dial…never be afraid to call
I owe you so many things, though you may never know
Whenever I am with you, my face begins to glow

If there were something I could give you, this is what it would be
To be as good a friend to you as you have been to me
You are such a rare jewel that is so hard to find
Absolutely amazing…one of a kind

There are a mere ten words I must say before I am through
You are my best friend and I love you always…
Happy Friendship Day 🙂

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Friendship Day Poem For Perfect Friend

I know I’m not a perfect friend,
You’re broken heart, I’ve tried to mend.

Instead I made you hurt and cry,
Maybe I should say goodbye.

Would it be better for me to go?
I asked you, and you said “No”.

Why say no when I hurt you so bad,
But believe me, you are not the only one whose sad.

I made my best friend hurt like mad,
If I left would you be glad?.

Deep in my heart, I will always know,
I will love you always, Even if I go!

Happy Friendship Day 🙂

Friendship Day Poem For Special Friend

Hello there nice person!!!

Did anyone ever tell you
Just how special you are
The light that you emit
Might even light a star

Did anyone ever tell you
How important you make others feel
Somebody out there is smiling
About love that is so real

Did anyone ever tell you
Many times, when they were sad
Your letter made them smile a bit;
In fact it made them glad

For the time you spend sending things
And sharing whatever you find
There are no words to thank you
But somebody thinks you’re fine,

Did anyone ever tell you
Just how much they love you?
Well, my “Dearest Friend”
Because I care about you

Today I’m telling you……
Happy Friendship Day 🙂

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