Friendship Day SMS in 140 words – Best Collection

Here we are presenting theĀ Friendship Day SMS in 140 words – Best Collection exclusively for you. Share these messages with your friends and make your friendship strong by making your friend feel that he is special for you and without him your life is incomplete.

Friendship Day SMS in 140 words

Share the funny, best, special, sweet below given messages with your friends and enjoy…

Friendship Day SMS in 140 words – Best Collection

Friendship Day message to Make the Friendship Strong

To strengthen our friendship
If there are infinite steps between us,
you take the 1st
I will take the rest…

Real Friends SMS

A memory lasts forever
It never dies…..
Real friends stay together and
Never say good bye.

Friendship Day Funny SMS

Friendship is like a Mandir aur
Friend hai us me Latka Ghanta
So, Jab tak hain jaan…..
Bajaate raho!!!!!!!

Friendship Day SMS for True Friends

A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

Friendship Day message for sweet friends

If you feel tired and Pain in ur legs…
Its Just because U come and go Many times in my Mind! šŸ˜›

Friendship Day Best message

ā€œRemembranceā€ is the sweetest flower in the garden of friendship.
A friend is a person who never think of the last 3 letters of the word FRIEND!!

Friendship Day SMS For Cool Friend

Life me kabhi apni dosti ke baare me koi shak ho to sikka uchaalna
Agar HEAD aaye, to really true friends aur agar TAIL aaye to sikka palat dena yaar…

Friendship message – Old Is Gold

Old wood best to burn,
Old books best to read,
Old rice best to eat and
Old Friends best to keep

Friendship day message for Special Friend

Friendship is not a game to play,
It is not a word to say,
It doesnā€™t start on Jan and ends on May,
It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.

Friendship SMS – Gift of God

GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with price tags, Becauseā€¦.. if He did, I canā€™t afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

Friendship day message – True Friends Journey

Our “FRIENDSHIP” is a journey
Starting at forever
And ending at never